The Two Friends

Written by Cheatra Chheang,

In a village of happiness named Homenight, there a house stood in the middle of the village. In the house, there’s a family lived in. Pony a boy and his parents stood and waved hello to the readers. Nearby Pony’s house, there was another house, probably his friends right? Yes, I’m correct. Pony’s friends, Horsy lived in a house near the street with Pony, too. 

Every day, they came to each other’s house, or they walked on the street, or they rocked and papered, or they go for a walk with their pets. They had fun with others so much since they were born and the parents’ relationship between the two families are also closed together. They studied in the same school and did homework together. Talked about them, they were great friends that each would never want to break apart. 

The sun was burning bright, the two boys were drawing some types of Pokemon like Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. Wow! Can you imagine it? So cute! They were drawing Squirtle, a water-type Pokemon then…

“Hey! my drawing pad has a Squirtle that is living in the peaceful sea and the most beautiful beach, hah hah,” Pony said to Horsy.

“What?…Oh yeah, I have an idea!! Come on, I want to go to the beach for our summer holiday. And you?” Horsy popped up and yelled with a good idea.

“Wow, it will be amazing, right? Let’s ask our parents today. Will you?” Pony replied quickly that so quickly as a thunder. 

“Okay, you can come to my home tonight and we can ask my parents about that. Then we can go to your home to make our parents both agreed, okay?” Horsy created a great plan. 

“Okay! That’s great, I love it. Well done!!” Pony said with a big grin to his friend. 

They played and played until the sun went behind the wood. Then at night, they did what they have prepared and their parents both felt positive about their plans.  

Then tomorrow came, they packed everything they needed and went to buy the bus tickets to go to Creepland which was another village but it took 10 hours from Homeland to Creepland. Successfully, they left here in the afternoon and arrived late in the evening around 10 pm. The village was so dark, and there are not many people living there, but for them, they felt okay. They stayed in a hotel called Creeplife Hotel. Let’s all say together to them, “Have a great night”. 

The bright sun came back after a night-full rest, the boys and their parents ate their breakfast and then they walked-up crossed the street and there’s the widest beach ever, in front of their eyes. They settled the mat down on the soft sand and dug the umbrella under the sand, leaving a cylinder shape to the sand. Pony and Horsy’s parents laid down on the beach chair. They walked over the sand and remained with their footprints all over the place. They then played together near the sea; they write some texts with bare-hands and chasing each other around. They played there until night-time and they didn’t want to pause their activities. At around 9 pm, suddenly, Pony screamed, as Horsy got whipped by the big sea wave and took him with it. It can talk. 

“See you later at your friend’s funeral.” It said with a mocking smile. 

Then it left, now there’s only Pony. There’s no Horsy, no big smile, instead a big cried. Their parents heard his screaming and come to her spot. 

“What had happened?” They all asked at the same time, looking with a big worried face over them.

“Where is Horsy?” Horsy’s dad asked with a feeling of anxiety. 

“Horsy got carried into the sea by the witch transformed into a wave,” Pony knew exactly who that monster was. 

“Oh no! Please help my child, please” Horsy’s mom fainted in just a moment. 

“Can you go and report for the police to investigate my son, and I’m going to take my wife to the hospital nearby by the taxi, okay?” Pony dad said with a full determination in his voice. 

“Okay, then we will go to the hospital. ” Pony’s dad said at last. 

They each did what they needed to do. Horsy’s dad carried Horsy’s mom. He called a taxi and went straight to the hospital. DON’T be scared yet, you will see what’s happening next. 

Back to Pony’s family, they were reporting to the police everything they saw. The police disagreed to help because they didn’t believe Pony’s dad and it’s their times to rest and relax not being stuck in a stressful circumstance. Therefore, they caught a taxi and back they went to the hospital, madly and worriedly. 

They told everything to Horsy’s dad and he was really sad about it so he sat down next to his wife with the feeling of concern in his heart. He could sacrifice anything just to get his son back. 

“What are we going to do?” He asked for some motivations.

“The police didn’t help so let’s search by ourself” Pony’s mom replied seriously. 

“Don’t worry! I know what to do, but I want you to stay in this hospital here, and don’t go anywhere. Get it?” Pony said bravely. 

“No way, Pony you can’t do that!! I won’t let you do that. We lost Horsy already so you have to stay. Understand?” His dad said angrily. He wanted to help Horsy but not this way because Pony is too young.

“Don’t worry dad. Trust me, I’ll return in the morning as soon as possible and I’m sorry.” Pony finished talking and he used a spell to turn Horsy’s parents and his parents to fall asleep for a while. He successfully did it. I waited for this moment for a long time ago until you finally made it to this event in the story. Pony can use magic due to the power he was born with. He doesn’t realize it by himself either, it’s just the fate told him to. You too, you got your power but I promise it will appear to you in one day. 

Pony got out of the hospital and ran to the beach, not so far though, it’s only taking him ten minutes. He then used his power to sense where Horsy was, but it’s useless because the power is not able to use across the huge amount of distance far so he knew his friend must be in deep danger. He fell on the sand and tore from his eyes drop down a little bit. It reflected by the moonlight, making it as bright as the diamond core. He then stood up-right position, confidently and comfortably. Suddenly, the green light signal from his bracelet. It was the friendship bracelet that Pony and Horsy have one each, but it was just a simple one. However, this time it seemed it signaled Pony for something so he knew what to do. He turned himself into a dolphin and he swam through the directions the bracelet guided. 

On his way, many beautiful creatures and coral reefs he saw, they were all so beautiful that he couldn’t take his eyes off. He thought even this adventure was bad but after all, it was also a wonderful adventure. He was very optimistic that he would find his friend. He continued swimming until the bracelet made a really noisy sound. In front of him was a small castle that looked like the castle only had one room in it. He determinedly opened the door and entered the castle with no concern. 

The room was so tidy. The bed was prepared with mattress and a sheet on top; pillows and a blanket also organized well, too. There was a closet, a desk, and a mirror sat in the room beside the bed. On the wall, the photos were decorated in a triangle shape-formed looking mysterious but anyway was pretty. He walked in and observed around. Meanwhile, he felt the icy feeling behind him so he looked back and there the monster stood straight behind him with Horsy on his left hand and a weapon on his right. 

Swift! Pony dodged the attack from the monster, he hit back with a strong noisy power that made the monster took his hand to close his ears. Thud! Thud! Thud! Pony quickly cast a spell and it hit back at the monster three times. The monster threw Horsy away, but luckily, Pony caught him with a magic long vine that he had cast. The monster almost got escaped from the battle but Pony used his power that was so effective, the power turned into a large and shiny bubble and, woff! It hit the monster intensely that made him vanished and he died. Horsy woke up and rubbed his eyes, wondering what happened and how could he breathe underwater? 

Back on the way to their parents, Pony told Horsy everything and Horsy wowed every time. When they got back to their parents, they hugged them tightly and they all burst into tears with happiness. “Friendship is the strongest relationship that you would ever have,” Let’s wish them the best!