Mammals Study | STEM Class

Do you know that bat is the only mammal that can fly? It is alright if you know the answer to the question or not, the significant key is that we are always learning — everywhere and every time. 

Another new topic began, we were focusing on mammals. Last round, the topic was the animal’s phylum. Then, surprisingly, we would be going in-depth toward mammals because they are the largest class in the world. Learning about mammals was genuinely fun and informative simultaneously. 

In the class, we did a lot of reading to understand clearly about the concept. Moreover, after we read, we also did some extra assignments. Personally, I could strengthen my memory by doing so and practice what I have learned. One of the best moments of the class was the almost-ending of the round, we broke into a group of three or four. Each of the groups was assigned to research different primate species. Primates are animals like monkeys, apes, humans, and some other ones that belong to the class mammals. Our group got orangutan as our main topic. We created a poster and also a doc to contain our information offline and online. 


Orangutan means “the man of the forest” in the Malay language. Its DNA is calculated ninety-seven percent in common to the humans. One of the interesting facts, the orangutan is the largest arboreal animal. 

If you want to fill your knowledge with the orangutan, feel free to check out this link: