Mammals Study | STEM Class

Do you know that bat is the only mammal that can fly? It is alright if you know the answer to the question or not, the significant key is that we are always learning — everywhere and every time. 

Another new topic began, we were focusing on mammals. Last round, the topic was the animal’s phylum. Then, surprisingly, we would be going in-depth toward mammals because they are the largest class in the world. Learning about mammals was genuinely fun and informative simultaneously. 

In the class, we did a lot of reading to understand clearly about the concept. Moreover, after we read, we also did some extra assignments. Personally, I could strengthen my memory by doing so and practice what I have learned. One of the best moments of the class was the almost-ending of the round, we broke into a group of three or four. Each of the groups was assigned to research different primate species. Primates are animals like monkeys, apes, humans, and some other ones that belong to the class mammals. Our group got orangutan as our main topic. We created a poster and also a doc to contain our information offline and online. 


Orangutan means “the man of the forest” in the Malay language. Its DNA is calculated ninety-seven percent in common to the humans. One of the interesting facts, the orangutan is the largest arboreal animal. 

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English Literacy | Mental Illness

“I don’t talk about my anxiety and depression for attention. I don’t talk about my panic attacks to look cool or edgy.” Emily

Do you know there are over 284 million people had anxiety disorder in the whole world according to, Many people have been through this mental illness in the stage of their growth. Therefore, in round two of our academic year 2019 to 2020, the theme of our module was mental illness. Initially, I did not understand what mental health or mental illness were at all. I was worried and struggled in class instantly. However, after resuming with nonstop I reinforced my strength to steadily pursue this module. After a moment then, I realized the module’s topic was very outstanding and compelling to me and also for others I believed. Do you want to know what is a mental illness, don’t pause here continue until the end.

As we all know, we all have physical illnesses such as muscles pain, fever, and many more. Mental illness is a serious disorder in human behavior and thinking due to many factors. Mental illness is divided into many illnesses including anxiety, bipolar, sleep disorder, schizophrenia, and etc. Moreover, stigmas are rooted in those who live their life with mental illness. Some of them that I have known are, “people with mental illness are scary”, “they are weak” and much more. These stigmas generate immensely negative effects on the patients, by letting them feel vulnerable and may do unwanted things. That will be the time when grief and trauma occur simultaneously. Happiness is replaced by Sadness. 

Emily, a 34 year-old-woman, described how difficult it was in her teenage years on Time-to-Change. As she told in the article, it was a very hard and tough time for her because she didn’t have the right people to talk with. This denotes a very essential problem in real life that we have confronted in our life. Most of people with mental illness find it’s quite challenging to look for the right person to talk to. They feel neglected and useless in themselves because of this critical problem. As a consequence, “That’s why Time To Talk Day matters so much. It’s not enough to learn to talk. We have to learn to listen too.” from Time-to-Change. 

In conclusion, we are all people and we should learn how to relate to those people in the world that are needing our help. Therefore, we should all provide a comfort zone, where people can release their hardships and express their feeling. We do not have to worry about how much have we helped our friends or strangers, the fact is helping less is better than helping nothing at all. Let’s all form a convergence of help to anyone who is needing our help right now.

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Mathematics [Slope-intercept Form]| How I gain my Confidence

 “You should be effortful into the difficult exercise and make mistakes rather than sitting there without doing anything” Jeff always says this phrase to us. 

The first year of school and the first round of the class, here the first time for studying with Jeff. We were focusing mainly on the topic of slope-intercept, which initially I had no idea what it is at all. Although, with a multitude of practices inside and outside the class, I was able to understand the materials. At first, I was a student who had no confidence at all and I also was desperate with myself. 

The most grateful moment in class, Jeff always settled me down whenever I became overwhelming. With Jeff’s precious words, I’m sure everybody in the class would be energetic for the whole day. I could gain my confidence in the math class, even the answer I said was not right, but I have learned from my mistakes. As a result, I understood, need to learn and learn and learn. Only this could help me to develop my math comprehension and to be confident in answering questions. 

Slope-intercept form, I had never heard of this math term until Jeff introduced it to us. As we always know, math requires thinking to have a solution for the prompt. I am a slow-speed student in the class, and I need a bunch of times to come up with a solution. Occasionally, I just feel so stressed and I can’t tolerate the problem that I am facing. However, studying with Jeff is not only covering only with the math world but he expands the class to the lesson of “life”, too. I was really impressed with the fun learning class in the last hour here. 

Hopefully, we will continue our journey of this math class to a harder level at each pace we step.