Color-Coded Lyrics

Creating a new product was never easy but instead, we should take a deep breath and working hard to approach success. 

Round five of Multimedia/Technology class, I worked on a project using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. Cindy, our teacher gave us the time for us to review the lessons that we learned in the whole year and we were allowed to work on our own project using some of the tools we have learned.

I chose my own project which is to create a color-coded lyrics video – a type of lyrics video that is used for a group of singers – with the color filter for the person who is singing and the rest of the team will be in a blackout filter. Before this project, Getting to watch other songs that have the color -coded lyrics had been a very wonderful feeling to me. To me, I definitely wanted to create the video before but thought that it will be a big challenge and that I would need to spend a lot of time on the video. Therefore, I changed my mind and I didn’t make it succeed. However, when there is a chance for me to create a product as the result of the round for Multimedia class, I decided to make a color-coded lyrics video. I took a deep breath and was ready for the beginning of my journey and the steps that I have to face before meeting success. The work reference is a video on Youtube that I watched called How to create color-coded lyrics. The video was extremely useful but there were some obstacles that I still needed to face. One of the problems was I couldn’t find the tools in Photoshop because I was using a different workspace from the video so I asked my friend and he helped me to find the solution. Also, the video only showed how to make the cover of the video but not putting the lyrics and changing the filter. Therefore, I needed to find a way for myself to have a product at the end. While I was putting the lyrics end, there was one more issue – I couldn’t find the fonts that worked for Korean fonts so I looked for help on the internet. I tried to follow the steps that the internet showed me but it didn’t work smoothly. As such, I made the decision to ask my friend again. However, he also did what I just did from the internet and it didn’t work again. Frustration started running in my brain and increased the feeling of disappointment. I didn’t give up though, I tried looking for the Korean font in the font tool. Fortunately, I saw a font with Korean words so I clicked and it worked the way I wanted. Fascination started taking control of the frustration in my feeling and helped to save the loss of happiness back. I was quite enthusiastic and started to work and work on the project until I would finish and the outcome is what I expected it to be.  

I enjoyed working on the project so much; I really love the work that I have done. To me, it is such a great accomplishment. This was a new experience for me. “Watching others have it is very interesting but never look down on yourself that you can’t do it.”: a quote from me. I wish I could have my own time, spending time to create the video again and I would always accept the chances that I have.  Here is the product below this article:


Code Club Project

For this round, coding still continues as our learning materials. Importantly, this round is more interesting for me than in the last round. I can tell you the reason why. In the last round, we mostly did the assignments on the code board so for me, it is a little stressful. In this round, what I found out so interesting is we get to do the work on the new website which is code club and trinkets. I really like code club because the website provides me with the instructions of how to code things but still, I also need to understand the instructions that the website gives. Every time, I code the instructions into the trinket which is a website for writing our codes, I thought of why do they put this instruction for me so I know and understand it to myself. Occasionally, problems are sometimes stuck in my brain because I completely have no idea what does the instruction even mean so it’s a little difficult for me to understand them all. However, challenges happen in everyday life so I accept them and try my best to find the solutions. I consider challenges as good things because then I can understand them and learn about them a lot to improve myself to be better. As I have told you about the code club website, all the students have chose different choices out of 5 projects. I chose a project, secret to message because at first, I did catch attention to that project. In the secret message, I didn’t learn only coding, I learned how to do encryption which is hiding the words, the sources of the secret words and how to do decryption which is how to get the text back to normal by encryption. There was a whole process when I was writing the code and it brought me with thousand of wonders but I managed them all. Coding using code club as instruction is fun as I am a person who doesn’t really like coding.

     Overall, this round I had a great experience with learning about different things that I have never try before which is I find a little difficult because coding is hard to me so I need to ask questions and try to understand  in the class.

The Computer Language

I have wonder every time that “Can computer communicate with the human?” Surely, I have the answer to my question now.

In this round, our focal point is Python. Python is one of the languages that we use to talk to the computer.  We can code by using Python to do what we want but we need to use the syntax correct otherwise the code will error. Here are some conditions that we have learned:

Boolean: the data type that can have the value of true or false

Example: 4 == 6 ( False )

      “Hello” is “Hello” ( True )

Comparison: the sign use to compare between numbers

Equal : 7  == 7

Not Equal: 7  != 8

Less than: 5 < 6

Less than or equal to: 5 <= 6

Greater than: 7 > 6

Greater than or equal to: 7 >= 6

If Statement: the condition, if this condition is true then do the print

a = 5

b = 6

if b > a:

     print ( “My name is cute” )

Note: After If Statement, Print need indentation. If there is no indentation it will cause you error immedietly.

Elif: the conditions that use to do more things than if and constantly need to stay after if

a = 7

b = 7

if a < b:

     print (“Smile”)

elif a == b:

     Print (“Laugh”)

Else: the condition that if all the codes wrong, print the else condition and stay after if and elif

a = 9

B = 20

if a == b

     print (“Stop“)

elif a > b:

     print (“Hmm)


     print (“I like it”)

“Python Loops”

Loop: the instruction that repeats over time until the condition reach


For Loop: allow code to perform actions repeatedly.  

my name = [“Cute”, “Lovely”, “Orange” ]

for x in my name

      print x

Break Statement: break the rest of the loop  

my name = [“Cute”, “Lovely”, “Orange”]

for x in my name

     print x

if x == “Orange”:


Continue Statement: stop one repetition of the loop and continue to the next one until the condition ends.

Range Function: the range that can count numbers inside it.

While Loop: allow performing the action until the condition is false.

Multimedia/ Technology Round 2

Digital storytelling

     The first week of Multimedia/Technology class we are taking lesson on Digital storytelling. Digital storytelling is the tool on the internet that’s for reading story online including photo essay, podcast, film and ect. I know for sure that everybody probably like digital storytelling because it’s more flexible to find and read on the internet. After understanding about what digital storytelling is we do a little exercise to know how many types of digital storytelling. Then we found out that there are some types of digital storytelling such as photo essay, documentary, film, animation and ect. In Digital storytelling we also know one quote that is from our teacher, Cindy. The quote is” Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.

Making Good Story and How?

     We have learned about Digital Storytelling and we also learned how to make a good story by using these structures. First, we were going deep into the structure to make us understand well about the structures(I am going to show you the structure below). After knowing clearly to the structure, we did a little warm up so we watch the videos and telling the structure of the stories and here below is the poster I created for the structures of the story.

Photography and Videography Skill

     The most interesting lesson is about Photography. In this lesson we’ve learn about exposure and types of camera shot. We’ve really enjoy this listen because we get to learn about technology that first I don’t really know that there are some types of shot and the exposure. There are 3 things to affect the exposure such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. We did learn about those 3 things and if you want to see what are they, it is below this text. I am glad that I have learned about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO because every time we are taking photo we will need them incase we want to take the beautiful pictures. After learning each of the types we did a little exercise by taking photos using shutter speed, aperture and ISO. For me after practicing I feel very comfortable with using three of these. For the videography we have learned how to take a good video both with view and interview. This lesson is really important because we need to know how to take videos and for me I have learned many things. In order to get a good video we need steadiness and tripod to make the video steady. For the sound when interviewing someone we should use microphones. There are 2 microphones and which are lavalier and shotgun. In interviewing we should use lavalier. These are all we learn in round 2 of multimedia I feel good in using camera after learning.  


Understand Algorithm and Researching

In the first round of Multimedia class we have learned many new things. At first, we learned how to do research like how to get the google to show us what we expect the outcome. After that, we come up with our own topic to research. My topic is about poisonous plant. I’ve been researching for a week. We also have learned 3 softwares from our classmates. We learned Indesign, Photoshop and Lightroom. Actually I have learned Lightroom already in my exploration. After learning all of these 3 software, our homework is editing photos in both Lightroom and Photoshop. We need to write our research into Indesign and export as a pdf. Out of research, we learn other things too. We have learned about how the program work and how we write the introduction to make the program work. We practiced that in class. Moreover, we have learned and created some algorithm of some math and riddle. We created the algorithm of 1+2+3+4 until +200. The algorithm goes like this (n+1)*n/2. n is the last number like in this condition 200 is the last number. I would take 200+1 equal 201. Then I take the 201  times itself is 201 equal 4040. At the last, I take 4040 divided by 2 equal 2020. The answer is 2020.  









The logos are from: Wikepedia, and Vector website