How to be happy when you get a fever

“How to be happy when you get a fever”

by Cheatra Chheng

Happiness is defined as a state of pleasure and contentment. Furthermore, happiness comes from the feeling that is influenced by the environment. Also, being happy is not only about the smile we cannot be absolutely sure if this person is happy or not based on one clue:  their facial expression. Therefore, everyday conditions including health, hobbies and many more, may consider how do we feel toward them.

Health is one of the factors that create a happy feeling for all of us. Unfortunately, not everyone lives with good health which can lead them to be unhappy. That is okay because life is not constantly about happiness but there’s also some sad stories that you will need to face. In addition, fever is one of the illnesses which causes you to be unhappy. However, there are two common phrases that you might find encouraging:  “problems always have solutions” and “you cannot change the situation but you can change your reaction”. Despite the fact that you have a fever, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the time it takes you to recover. We know that the situation doesn’t appear to be good but importantly you can change your reaction. Moreover, there are some steps that you may like to try while you are sick. 

Step 1: Take a relaxing warm shower 

Feeling relaxed is all that we want for the summer break, going to the beach for an example. Getting a fever can make you feel unrelaxed. Wikihow is an online community that wrote about how-to guides for online people to explore and read, has mentioned that “baths wash away dirt and grime, and they also help you feel better when you’re sick.” According to my own experience, when I had a fever, everything that is negative came to my mind which made me hard to rest and worried. However, taking the warm shower will help you to let your mind sits, relax and can lower the temperature inside our body. Importantly, when you are taking a warm shower, you should be thinking about the positive things that you ever had in your life. For instance, you could think of any good memories that you had and enjoy with the shower. 

Step 2: Rest

If you are a student, you will perhaps have some assignments that your teacher gave you. If you are an employee you would need to think about your work. Fever brings you tiredness so you will be exhausted for the whole day. If you are exhausted, you need to rest because you won’t enjoy doing your work. In this situation, you can lay down and give yourself a mental and physical rest. You do not need to worry about anything that could distract you including homework as well. Centennial Medical Group (CMG)  is a group practice of caring and helping the community to be better at knowing how to do self-help when having an illness quotes “ Medicine and fluids can help make you feel better when you do get sick, but what your body really needs is bed rest. “ Even if you don’t feel exhausted at all, but probably you will recover soon after the rest.

Step 3: Spend some time in nature

During the time you are having a fever, you do not really want your body to do any physical actions. However, it is a good idea for you to get outdoors and relax in nature that is around us. Very well mind, trusted online resources that improve the mental health condition of the  right guidance provides, states that “Green is thought to relieve stress and help heal” and “Green is often used in decorating for its calming effect.” As such, in nature, we can sit down, relax or reading books. Importantly, the air that we get inside our house is different from the fresh air that nature gives so we could recover faster and also release stress.

All in one, fever is also not a bad thing for us, though it kills all the bacteria inside our body. When you have a fever once, be happy and you can follow these steps. One last quote from Julia Roberts wrote “ A fever is an expression of inner rage. “ Therefore, we can consider fever as a good thing to happen for us and we are lucky to have a fever. 

The Sparkle Happiness

“Enjoy your life as much as possible because it is your happiness that you have found!”

From Pinterest

The theme of this round in English Literacy is Happiness. As hearing the word “Happiness”, I could understand the class will have an effect on the life that we have every day.  At first, without learning about happiness, I assumed happiness as enjoy and be happy with family and only about family. However, after learning about this, I have realized how happiness is connected to life. Every piece of our life may consider having happiness. Some people might think happiness is related to money while others also assume happiness is not including failure, struggle, and tears in their life. A quote said that” Everybody wants to be happy, nobody wants to be in pain. But you can’t have a rainbow without any rain”. The quote has shown that you can’t have happiness without any pain at all. Accept the struggles and failures you made because they can lead you the way to seek your own happiness. Whereas, money is not all related to happiness even though you have much money and you are happy. However, the study said that if we use our money to give to other people, they will be happy and we are happy too. This is the way of getting happiness by using money. Moreover, emotional well being and life evaluation are also connected. The distinctions between those two are emotional well being is the quality of a person’s experience every day such as joy, sadness, anxiety, excitement, and more, while life evaluation is person’s thought about his or her life. It’s also good to think about emotional well being but it’s also good to think about how your life evaluation’s going on.

Overall, this round taught me clearly about what is happiness and also how to reach it. Importantly, from what I studied, I could find my own happiness, the real and true happiness ever.

The Search of Identity

Can I ask you a question? Where do we come from? Why do we have divergent personalities? What is our name for?

Absolutely, I don’t ask you one question but I also curious about everything such that. In fact, all of us come from our parents. We have inherited each half of our parents’ gene. Although, our personalities are very unfamiliar with each other because of our emotions and thoughts.

One major thing is our names. I am confident in saying that my name defines me who I am and my personality.

From time to time, we will start changing our mood and also thoughts but the piece of letters will stay there with you forever.

Where I’m From

“I Am From” Poem Template

Adapted by Levi Romero

Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon


I am from thread from hammock and frame

I am from the bright open space and warming area

that I could look for

I am from the red pentas lanceolata

within no smell but reveal the beauty

The alive mango trees whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.


I’m from pleasant and gracious

From grandmother and mom

I’m from joking and smile

and from receiving sweetheart

I’m from drinking water and not selfish

And eyes song


I’m from Khmer New Year

I’m from Kandal province and Cambodia

From Pork and Prohok

Which is quite tasty that I still love

From never complain and stand out for exhausted is mom

I’m from looking for a good attitude of me so she teaches is my grandmother

And the picture of my lost grandparents

on my head in my hometown  

That I recall for periods

will embrace in the cognition perpetually,


By Cheatra

Date 16/01/2019


My Name ( Cheatra Chheang )

#Cambodian #flag | #Cambodia
From Pinterst


     My life is really meaningful because of the letter inside me that I carry every time with me and stays with me forever. “Cheatra” is the name that has given from my lovely mom.

     My name means nation and signature. After realizing that she has a male baby that stay in her for 2 months, she had a discussion with my dad. First they were willing put my name “Sopanha” because I was born in “Sophop Panha” hospital. However, then she knew that there’s a lot of kids name “Sopanha” and she wants my name to be diverse from all other kids. The second for my name is “Pheaktra”. After, she also knew that there’s a lot of kids having “Pheaktra” as a name. In the end, she has come up with an incredible idea and she has changed from “Pheaktra” to “Cheatra”. My dad has agreed with my mom to put my name “Cheatra”. She wants my name to be unique and it’s worked. “Cheat” define as nation and “Tra” is signature from the very educated people. “Chheang” is my surname. My dad has said to my mom that he doesn’t want his name to be my surname instead he wants his father’s name which is “Chheang” to be my surname. One thing really funny about me is that, if Cambodian hear my name they can define my name immedietly.  

From mylivesignature

     I can hear people saying my name. My name gives me love, respect, and inspiration. Every time saying my name I feel my name is always with me and I can feel the warmth inside me. I can get the feeling happy or sad from me. Courage and strength that my name always gives me to continue a long journey with.

     At last, this name is really suitable for me and no matter what I wouldn’t change it. Therefore, “Chheang Cheatra” is only my name and it defines me as a person.

English Literacy Round 2

Getting to Know Philosophy Chair 

The theme is Environmental social justice. Hannah, our teacher has given all of us one topic that concern to the them, “Shools should stop practice of giving letter grades to students. Instead, they should only give written feedback.” How about you will you agree to this topic. For me, I am positive to this topic because I have a few reasons. Before doing philosophy chair, Hannah gave us times to think about this and have some reasons. I have come up of a few reasons. My reasons are:

  • Grades only letter or number but feedback is a long description that tell you a lot
  • Feedbacks can tell students what subjects they need to work on and what subjects they are good at
  • If students get good grade they will happy but they don’t know why they are admitted to get that grades
  • Feedbacks are easy for parents to know how their parents perform in school

It is my first time to do philosophy chair and first I was a bit nervous but it’s okay. I am interested in the philosophy chair because we can discuss the problems that we are meeting every day. We do this to find out the best solution to solve in our environment. At last but not least, we were having so fun in this round 2.

Mini Personal Narrative

In the English Literacy, Our teacher ( Hannah ) show us about how can we make our personal narrative and improve it. Here this is my personal narrative that I wrote it.


One day in the evening, when I was studying all my classmates were talking about the concert that they celebrated 2 or 3 days ago. After class time I asked my parents that if we could go to the concert tonight. Then they said that we could go and also with my sister. We prepare things like taking shower and finish eating dinner. After, we leave the house and went through to the concert. Then we arrived there in 10 minutes. My mom said that we can bought something first then we could go to watch the the singer. I thought that I will meet my idol. I was so happy. We walked a lot and bought things like shoes, pigeon toy, puppy toy, basket, and some snacks. After we went to the stage to watch the music performance. All I saw was only the singer who volunteer to sing if I  thought. After watch the music for about 1 hour we were so sleepy so we went home. When we arrived home we played with toys a little bit and we prepare to sleep.

This is all I got for my memory. I enjoyed the concert and the way it designed for the audience to come although it was just a simple one.

Etymology Literacy

In the first round of English Literacy class we’ve been learning about etymology. It is the first thing in the class. The words we learned are from Latin and Greek. We’ve got root words also. Root words are the original words. For example, bio is the root word of Greek and in English it means life. Then the word biography means a story of a real person’s life that’ve written from the other people. Let’s move to Homework Packet. Homework Packet is two or three papers with the list of the words and some exercises to make us understand well. Every week we’ve got the Homework Packet. Then after one week we’ve got the Homework Packet, we have a test of the list of words in the Homework Packet. We’ve been doing this all 7 weeks in round 1.