Comfort with Uncertainty

Photo by: Chanda Cheng

These outdoor trips help me to learn and grow myself. 

    As apart of Outdoor Leadership exploration, I got to learn the main question is” How to lead ourself when we are in outdoor?” This question got solve when diving deeper into the exploration. The topic that related to the main question I asked myself is the survival skill. We learned about how we could rescue a victim when the victim is in an emergency. If we are not sure what happened to the victim yet and using traditional medicine or don’t know what to do in that situation, we could kill the victim immediately. As such, I got to learn the steps to rescue a patient in an emergency situation,

1- Scene Safety

2- Primary Assessment

3- Secondary Assessment 

4- Rescue Plan

I learned about all of those steps in class and we practiced the lessons on the campus also. This could be a helpful reference because it appears that I want to be a doctor. Furthermore, we had two trips in this exploration which we went to Kirirum and Mondulkiri. I love the two trips so much because I have experienced many brand new things that I haven’t tried out before, and the trips have made my thoughts open to hundreds of stories which I interest in. 

Photo by: Chanda Cheng
Photo by: Chanda Cheng

In Kirirum, I really love the weather there, it was drizzled and a little cold. The cold breeze that blew to me every time has strengthed up my power to continued walking to my destination. I remembered once when I was sitting down and I was so exhausted and suddenly the wind just blew across me. I closed my eyes and just got the touch of the wind to my skin. I also love the landscape there, the trail in the middle and the sides are the trees stood straight in lines with small green grass on the ground. This scenery really caught my attention and boost my relaxation and calmness level. My third highlight is when I got to sit and watch the sunrise. It was the greatest moment ever to watch the sunrise with my friends and my facilitators. While I was watching the sunrise, the hornbill flew nearby on the trees under the cliff. I got a binocular and I zoomed in to see the hornbill clearly. Luckily, I could see the hornbill, it was lovely to use the binocular following every movement of the hornbill. In Mondulkiri, I got so interested in the waterfall. The water was quite cold and it can refresh many negative thoughts out of my mind and inscribe with the beautiful piece of art in my brain. I didn’t want to move out of the enchanting waterfall that I faced. The waterfall melody can awaken thousands of surprise to me. It’s a hard way of trekking but in the end, it paid off with the delightful waterfall. Another highlight is what I have never tried before and it now becomes one of my favorite food which is Phnuong soup, I got to taste the soup and the soup was very delicious. I wish to myself I could taste the food several more times and cook it.

Even though the trips sounded really fun, there were still some obstacles that I met. One of my difficulties in Mondulkiri was the leeches. I was the first one who got bitten by a leech. At the first time seeing it, I was not quite scared of them but when the whole group started to panic because there were more of them, I started to feel anxious even more. At this point, my mind started to think of some types of wild creatures that I afraid of such as geckos. I tried to calm myself in the situation while I was really uncomfortable. That didn’t really work. However, the relaxation worked until we came to the waterfall. The touch and the harmony of the waterfall – the coldest water ever – aided me to increase my calmness and relaxation. Therefore, the solution got solved and I was very impressed with myself that I could be relaxed and calmed down. This was a big challenge for me but I overcome it – I had to use my bare hands to pick it out of my legs. Thanks to the waterfall for letting other people relax by the music you have created.  

Moreover, leadership roles are essential for me because I need to use those in this exploration since we were in a group of different personalities. Once, I have shown my leadership role which is a designated leader. At that time, I saw everybody was quite busy with all of their works. I thought that it was really busy for themselves to wash their own lunch boxes. As such, I’ve decided to speak up ” Ok! Let’s wash all of the lunch boxes for our team,” In fact, I have never been a designated leader before but that situation appeared to me that I could use the designated leader as my leadership roles. I considered being a designated leader does not need to be a tough or strong person. I could start being a designated leader from this experience. 

Being part of the group in Outdoor Leadership exploration was a new experience for me. It allowed me to give love and to see the beauty of nature that I have never focused before. The way that it designed itself to be. Challenges were being accepted by me so a solution must be accepted too. Comfort with Uncertainty is now what I understand and I learned. This journey was the best moment in my life that I could find my true happiness. (One more photo to go through for the end)

Photo by: Chanda Cheng


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Changing Cambodia 2017-2018

In my year at Liger everything we learn is focusing on how to change Cambodia. To change the country is not easy; it needs time. Everyone always has their dreams. What about my dream? Changing Cambodia is so hard and I can tell it is hard. We need to change Cambodia because it is our country. There are three main learning experience that have developed my idea of changing Cambodia. There are Composting and Khmer dance.


In 2018 of my second year in Liger I have one exploration called Compost. In this exploration we consistently talk about the environment. Plastics have been increasing a lot in Cambodia. It is almost everywhere. It cannot burn by fire. Many animals die because of plastic. When they eat the plastic, it will stick in their body until it full and the animals cannot live anymore. I have asked myself that how many plastics do I throw away daily. I have watched the video about the other country that have banned the plastic. I feel like I want to do it too but I don’t know how to stop. To stop a person doing things wrong you have to be the model of that person. Everyday people go out to buy things in the market. They always use plastic because they think it is easy for carry things. After people use the plastic already they don’t reuse it again but they throw it away. Some people don’t even throw it in  the bin. In Compost exploration we have decided to change these habits.. We can’t stop but we can reduce. In Liger kitchen also staff house, everyday we have a lot of waste. The members of the exploration always take all the raw waste from kitchen to put in our compost. I am going to continue the compost until the whole year in Liger. We plant the vegetables in our campus because we want our campus to fill with the beautiful plants everywhere. Compost also shows that people everyday are using chemical fertilizer to make the plant grow faster but for compost is the organism fertilizer that help supporting the soil to make the plant healthy and ground too.

On the weekend in Liger I have Khmer dance. There are a lot of weekend activities to do but I only choose three. There are Model Making, Hip Hop and Khmer Dance. I will take one topic to talk about is Khmer Dance. Before I choose Khmer Dance I thought that to increase Khmer culture I need to participate in Khmer dance even I don’t like it. I don’t want to lose Khmer Culture. First I don’t like Khmer Dance but until I think about it a lot it is stuck in my mind. I decided to join Khmer Dance because I am Cambodian and I want to know about Khmer Culture more. In Khmer Dance class Teacher Khmer Dance teach us a lot. I learn each name of Khmer Dance. I want all Cambodian to learn Khmer Dance for the culture. I know it is hard to inspire other people in. In my year in Liger I will promise myself that I will join Khmer Dance and never take out my name from it.

In my round 2 Exploration I have Entrepreneurship. I learn and experience a lot in this exploration. In this exploration, we focus on how to succeed a business. We divided in a team of three members. Each team has to come up with product and why should the team make this product. My product is pencil case. I fail a lot of time. I don’t succeed but I try a lot of times but I fail. Also I got a lot of feedback. The pencil case doesn’t look good for the user to use. After that my team and I change the product to make bracelet. In bracelet product I try to make it as fast as possible because it is almost time for sharation in Liger. It has some benefits too. As I am an example, I wear it to represent my country is Cambodia to show all the people that I love Cambodia so much that’s why I wear Cambodia’s flag color bracelet. You can wear it to express your feeling from day to day. If you are mad you can wear red. Everybody in the exploration go out to present and sell the products. In future I want to see I am a successful businessman.


In round 3 I have Geography of Cambodia. Geography of Cambodia Exploration divided into 4 teams  We have region 1, 2, 3 and 4. I am in Region 3. I go to southern part of Cambodia. There are Koh Kong, Kep, Sihanouk, Kandal, Prey Veng, Svay Rieng, Kampot, and Takeo. In each province I go to different places. Mostly we go to each places to find history, human life and five themes. In this exploration I know many places in Cambodia. On trip I learn more things. For example in Rabbit Island there’s no light at 10pm so that is the lesson for us to learn that when we go to other places. I am the note taker of interview people and department of culture and fine art. In trip we also bring recorder and 3 types of cameras. In the way of interview people get to know the people and the community better. In the end of the interview we always ask the people for goal. The accurate of the goal is the people want Liger students to study to have high knowledge for changing Cambodia. That is very impressive for me.