Community Cleanup Campaign | Workshop Organization Experience

In round three, I had another exploration which was Community Cleanup Campaign. I can say that this exploration is a relation to changing Cambodia with the education of raising awareness. I had practiced my leadership and time management skills in this exploration.

The introduction of the exploration was explained by a senior, Somphors as our facilitator in the exploration. We have the intention of spreading the awareness of waste and plastic to people in this developing country. I have thought doing so was a crucial solution to excessive plastic usage in everyday life. That’s when I was working in the exploration.

We had the ambition to give a workshop to those. Personally, I am really fond of any kind of workshop and I also have involved in some before as the attendee. The workshop has boosted my experience and confidence and I also assume the same for others. Fortunately, this time I was preparing the workshop with my fellow members in the exploration. As we had six stations regarding plastic waste and mine was Storytelling and Visualization that I named.

Honestly, I am a person that prefers and likes to be organized with my school work and personal work. Therefore, I genuinely gave everything I got into my own station. Seven weeks were long enough as I thought, but in the end, things weren’t going correctly of what I had thought. I needed to have four short stories that went under the theme of plastic waste. Luckily, I asked for three of my friends to write three stories and I have written one. In addition to the story, I and another friend drew some pictures for our stories. That denotes the visualization. After preparing everything, I realized I have learned a new lesson of life. Despite we didn’t get to initiate our workshop, but we have learned and experienced the way we prepared our own workshop. I now know that seven weeks are no longer short and using them wisely is the proper way of using them.

I can feel the growth in myself as the time moves on. This exploration has improved my confidence in working individually. I have always afraid when it comes to working alone. I would fear to confront my mistakes and flaws. Although, who in life don’t, so I have reinforced and obtained them in myself. Importantly, time managing skill is a very vital skill that I would also need later on. Therefore, this exploration has opened a new door for me to explore and learn. 

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