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“I don’t talk about my anxiety and depression for attention. I don’t talk about my panic attacks to look cool or edgy.” Emily

Do you know there are over 284 million people had anxiety disorder in the whole world according to Ourworldindata.org, Many people have been through this mental illness in the stage of their growth. Therefore, in round two of our academic year 2019 to 2020, the theme of our module was mental illness. Initially, I did not understand what mental health or mental illness were at all. I was worried and struggled in class instantly. However, after resuming with nonstop I reinforced my strength to steadily pursue this module. After a moment then, I realized the module’s topic was very outstanding and compelling to me and also for others I believed. Do you want to know what is a mental illness, don’t pause here continue until the end.

As we all know, we all have physical illnesses such as muscles pain, fever, and many more. Mental illness is a serious disorder in human behavior and thinking due to many factors. Mental illness is divided into many illnesses including anxiety, bipolar, sleep disorder, schizophrenia, and etc. Moreover, stigmas are rooted in those who live their life with mental illness. Some of them that I have known are, “people with mental illness are scary”, “they are weak” and much more. These stigmas generate immensely negative effects on the patients, by letting them feel vulnerable and may do unwanted things. That will be the time when grief and trauma occur simultaneously. Happiness is replaced by Sadness. 

Emily, a 34 year-old-woman, described how difficult it was in her teenage years on Time-to-Change. As she told in the article, it was a very hard and tough time for her because she didn’t have the right people to talk with. This denotes a very essential problem in real life that we have confronted in our life. Most of people with mental illness find it’s quite challenging to look for the right person to talk to. They feel neglected and useless in themselves because of this critical problem. As a consequence, “That’s why Time To Talk Day matters so much. It’s not enough to learn to talk. We have to learn to listen too.” from Time-to-Change. 

In conclusion, we are all people and we should learn how to relate to those people in the world that are needing our help. Therefore, we should all provide a comfort zone, where people can release their hardships and express their feeling. We do not have to worry about how much have we helped our friends or strangers, the fact is helping less is better than helping nothing at all. Let’s all form a convergence of help to anyone who is needing our help right now.

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Resources if in need:

Emily Story: https://www.time-to-change.org.uk/blog/talking-about-mental-health-isnt-attention-seeking

Picture Source: https://medium.com/@Mentallyawareng/when-it-seems-like-no-one-truly-understands-your-mental-illness-427959a33328


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