The Search of Identity

Can I ask you a question? Where do we come from? Why do we have divergent personalities? What is our name for?

Absolutely, I don’t ask you one question but I also curious about everything such that. In fact, all of us come from our parents. We have inherited each half of our parents’ gene. Although, our personalities are very unfamiliar with each other because of our emotions and thoughts.

One major thing is our names. I am confident in saying that my name defines me who I am and my personality.

From time to time, we will start changing our mood and also thoughts but the piece of letters will stay there with you forever.


     Within this round, we are up on the next level which is Math 5 B. In the first lesson, we were learning about decimals and that is what the students have been learning last year too. This lesson is to remind us the what are the importance of decimal. Decimal stands after a decimal point to the right of the whole number. The number that stands next to the right of the decimal point is in tenth place and then hundredth and then thousandth. We’ve also known the way to convert fraction to decimal and decimal to fraction ( picture below).

The Cycle of the Life Element


Let’s takes a little time to look at your clothes and think what’s creating it. If you think carbon is the things that create your clothes, you are on the right track. Carbon is an element that stayed in group 14 and period 2. It is the element of life, that all matters are made of carbon. Also, it is everywhere on earth. That’s the reason why in Stem class round 3 we are learning about the carbon cycle. The carbon cycle is the process in which carbon dioxide rise up to the atmosphere by respiration and returning carbon dioxide into living tissues. Carbon cycle has 4 processes which are photosynthesis, decomposition, combustion, and respiration.

Photosynthesis is when the living organism incorporates trees absorb the carbon dioxide and create them into food for themselves.

Respiration is when the living organisms including human and animals inhale the oxygen and exhale as carbon dioxide that goes to the atmosphere.

Combustion is coming from human activity every day that burn fossil fuel and creating the gas into the atmosphere. The gas is carbon dioxide.

Decomposition is when the decomposer breaks down the dead organism and returning the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from the body by respiration.

Carbon cycle needs to have these 4 processes. If one of those part extinct there will be too much carbon in the atmosphere that will cause global warming.



វគ្គទី ៤ នៃការសិក្សាភាសាខ្មែរ ពួកយើងបានរៀនអំពីវេយ្យាករណ៍ខ្មែរ។ លោកគ្រូសុខា បានចែកពួកយើងជាក្រុមៗ ដើម្បីសិក្សាស្រាវជ្រាវអំពីវេយ្យាករណ៍នីមួយៗ។

១ កិរិយាស័ព្ទ

២ នាម

៣ គុណនាម

៤ ល្បះទោល និងល្បះផ្សំ

៥ ល្បះកម្ម និងល្បះកត្តុ

៦ ធ្នាក់

៧ ឈ្នាប់

៨ ឧទានស័ព្ទ

៩ សព្វនាម

បន្ទាប់ពីធ្វើការសិក្សាស្រាវជ្រាវអំពីប្រធានបទដែលលោកគ្រូបានដាក់ឲ្យហើយ ពួកយើង បានឡើងធ្វើបទបង្ហាញទៅដល់លោកគ្រូ និងមិត្តភក្តិ។ នេះក៏ដូចជាការបង្រៀនមិត្តភក្តិដែរ ដូច្នេះហើយពួកយើងបានបង្រៀនគ្នាទៅវិញទៅមក។

ក្រុមខ្ញុំ ត្រូវបានវេយ្យាករណ៍មួយដែលលោកគ្រូបានដាក់ឲ្យសិក្សានិងស្រាវជ្រាវ។ គុណនាម គឺជាប្រធានបទរបស់ក្រុមរបស់ខ្ញុំ។


គុណនាមមាន ដើមកំណើតពី នាមផង គុណនាមផង និងកិរិយាស័ព្ទផង។


ភូមិខ្ញុំជាភូមិចាស់ពីបុរាណ តែមេភូមិខ្ញុំមានគំនិតជឿនលឿន ។ ប្រជាជនភូមិខ្ញុំ សុទ្ធតែជាមនុស្សពូកែ



គុណនាមបានបែងចែកជាពីរក្រុម គឺគុណនាមប្រក្រតី និងគុណនាមកំណត់។

គុណនាមប្រក្រតីមានតែមួយប្រភេទទេ ចំណែកឯគុណនាមកំណត់មានប្រាំប្រភេទ គឺគុណនាមចង្អុល

គុណនាមចំនួន គុណនាមសំណួរ គុណនាមមិនច្បាស់ គុណនាមកម្មសិទ្ធិ។


កម្រិតមិនស្មើ កម្រិតមិនស្មើ កម្រិតផ្ដាច់


នាងមានកាតាបស្អាតជាងកាតាបបងស្រីខ្ញុំ។ នាង មានកាតាបស្អាត ដាច់គេ





ខ្ពស់ ទាប កាច ស្លូត ប្រៃ សាប ស្រួច ទាល ឧស្សាហ៍ ខ្ជិល ស្អាត កខ្វក់ ។ល។


ឃ្មុំនេះ មានរូបរាងស្អាត តែវាមានចរិតខ្ជិល



គុណនាមកំណត់ ប្រើសម្រាប់កំណត់បង្ហាញ សភាព ចម្ងាយ…….របស់នាម។


គុណនាមមិនច្បាស់ ប្រើសម្រាប់បង្ហាញមនុស្ស វត្ថុ សត្វ ដោយមិនបញ្ជាក់ច្បាស់លាស់។

គុណនាមមិនច្បាស់ មាន៖

ណា ណាមួយ ណាម្នាក់ ទាំងពួង ទាំងឡាយ ទាំងអស់។ល។






គុណនាមចង្អុលជាពាក្យសម្រាប់បង្ហាញមនុស្ស សត្វ វត្ថុ រុក្ខជាតិ នៅនឹងមុខ ឬនៅឆ្ងាយ ឬបង្ហាញអ្វីដែលគេទើបនឹងប្រាប់ ឬដែលគេបម្រុងនឹងប្រាប់ ។


នេះ នោះ ទាំងនេះ ទាំងនោះ នុះ ។

បញ្ជាក់: នៅខាងស្ដាំរបស់នាម


ផ្ទះនេះ ជាផ្ទះរបស់ខ្ញុំ។


គុណនាមសំណួរ ប្រើសម្រាប់សួរពីសភាព លក្ខណៈ ឬក៏ចំនូន។

គុណនាមសំណួរ មាន៖

ណា ណាមួយ ណាខ្លះ អ្វី អ្វីមួយ អ្វីខ្លះ ប៉ុន្មាន ដូចម្ដេច




តើអ្នក កំពុងលេងល្បែងអ្វី?


គុណនាមកម្មសិទ្ទ ជាពាក្យបង្ហាញម្ចាស់នៃវត្ថុ មនុស្ស ឬសត្វ។


ខ្ញុំ វា គាត់ ឯង នាង យើង






គុណនាមចំនួន គឺជាពាក្យដែលប្រើសម្រាប់បញ្ជាក់ចំនួនឬលំដាប់។

គុណនាមនេះមាន :

  • គុណនាមចំនួនសម្រាប់រាប់  (ឧ. កៅអីមួយ កៅអីពីរ កៅអីបី)
  • គុណនាមសម្រាប់សម្គាល់លំដាប់ (ឧ. កៅអីទីមួយ កៅអីទីពីរ កៅអីទីបី)


មីងមី មី អង្គុយកៅអីជួរទី៣នៅក្នុងថ្នាក់ខ្មែរ។



The Computer Language

I have wonder every time that “Can computer communicate with the human?” Surely, I have the answer to my question now.

In this round, our focal point is Python. Python is one of the languages that we use to talk to the computer.  We can code by using Python to do what we want but we need to use the syntax correct otherwise the code will error. Here are some conditions that we have learned:

Boolean: the data type that can have the value of true or false

Example: 4 == 6 ( False )

      “Hello” is “Hello” ( True )

Comparison: the sign use to compare between numbers

Equal : 7  == 7

Not Equal: 7  != 8

Less than: 5 < 6

Less than or equal to: 5 <= 6

Greater than: 7 > 6

Greater than or equal to: 7 >= 6

If Statement: the condition, if this condition is true then do the print

a = 5

b = 6

if b > a:

     print ( “My name is cute” )

Note: After If Statement, Print need indentation. If there is no indentation it will cause you error immedietly.

Elif: the conditions that use to do more things than if and constantly need to stay after if

a = 7

b = 7

if a < b:

     print (“Smile”)

elif a == b:

     Print (“Laugh”)

Else: the condition that if all the codes wrong, print the else condition and stay after if and elif

a = 9

B = 20

if a == b

     print (“Stop“)

elif a > b:

     print (“Hmm)


     print (“I like it”)

“Python Loops”

Loop: the instruction that repeats over time until the condition reach


For Loop: allow code to perform actions repeatedly.  

my name = [“Cute”, “Lovely”, “Orange” ]

for x in my name

      print x

Break Statement: break the rest of the loop  

my name = [“Cute”, “Lovely”, “Orange”]

for x in my name

     print x

if x == “Orange”:


Continue Statement: stop one repetition of the loop and continue to the next one until the condition ends.

Range Function: the range that can count numbers inside it.

While Loop: allow performing the action until the condition is false.

Where I’m From

“I Am From” Poem Template

Adapted by Levi Romero

Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon


I am from thread from hammock and frame

I am from the bright open space and warming area

that I could look for

I am from the red pentas lanceolata

within no smell but reveal the beauty

The alive mango trees whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.


I’m from pleasant and gracious

From grandmother and mom

I’m from joking and smile

and from receiving sweetheart

I’m from drinking water and not selfish

And eyes song


I’m from Khmer New Year

I’m from Kandal province and Cambodia

From Pork and Prohok

Which is quite tasty that I still love

From never complain and stand out for exhausted is mom

I’m from looking for a good attitude of me so she teaches is my grandmother

And the picture of my lost grandparents

on my head in my hometown  

That I recall for periods

will embrace in the cognition perpetually,


By Cheatra

Date 16/01/2019


My Name ( Cheatra Chheang )

#Cambodian #flag | #Cambodia
From Pinterst


     My life is really meaningful because of the letter inside me that I carry every time with me and stays with me forever. “Cheatra” is the name that has given from my lovely mom.

     My name means nation and signature. After realizing that she has a male baby that stay in her for 2 months, she had a discussion with my dad. First they were willing put my name “Sopanha” because I was born in “Sophop Panha” hospital. However, then she knew that there’s a lot of kids name “Sopanha” and she wants my name to be diverse from all other kids. The second for my name is “Pheaktra”. After, she also knew that there’s a lot of kids having “Pheaktra” as a name. In the end, she has come up with an incredible idea and she has changed from “Pheaktra” to “Cheatra”. My dad has agreed with my mom to put my name “Cheatra”. She wants my name to be unique and it’s worked. “Cheat” define as nation and “Tra” is signature from the very educated people. “Chheang” is my surname. My dad has said to my mom that he doesn’t want his name to be my surname instead he wants his father’s name which is “Chheang” to be my surname. One thing really funny about me is that, if Cambodian hear my name they can define my name immedietly.  

From mylivesignature

     I can hear people saying my name. My name gives me love, respect, and inspiration. Every time saying my name I feel my name is always with me and I can feel the warmth inside me. I can get the feeling happy or sad from me. Courage and strength that my name always gives me to continue a long journey with.

     At last, this name is really suitable for me and no matter what I wouldn’t change it. Therefore, “Chheang Cheatra” is only my name and it defines me as a person.

Mathematics Round 2


Talking about Geometry, in Math class this round we have learned geometry. There are two things we learned which are area and perimeter. We have done a lot of exercise in workbook especially about area and perimeter. Area is the measurement inside the shape and perimeter is the measurement outside of the shape. Different kind of shapes have different formulas (formulas are below). At last, I am joyful with the lesson.


Ratio is the comparison between two things or more than that also possible. Ratio can use with fraction and whole number.  For instance you want to compare 4 oranges to 5 apples. It will be 4:5. In ratio we use the word “to” for comparing two things. As we can see the instance above said they compare 4 oranges to 5 apples so we use this “:” instead of to. Just to add on, if the numbers are big we can simplify it. For another example is, compare 10 books to 5 pencils. That is 10:5. In this case we can simplify it to 2:1 because we take 10 divided by 5 and 5 divided by 5. Despite we simplify it, still it has the same value.

After learning about ratio, I realize that we can use ratio to make life much better. Whenever we want to compare two or three things or more than that, quick thing is ratio is our choice.


Surface area

This is also a part of the lesson we learn. Surface area is the sum of all areas of all faces. For demonstrate regular prism has 6 faces. To find surface area we will find area of each 6 shapes and plus together. Sometimes we need a little long time to figure out the surface area because we need to know the area of all 6 faces but we only need to find 3 faces area because 3 more faces will have equal area. Then we can take the 3 faces area times two and we will find surface area.

English Literacy Round 2

Getting to Know Philosophy Chair 

The theme is Environmental social justice. Hannah, our teacher has given all of us one topic that concern to the them, “Shools should stop practice of giving letter grades to students. Instead, they should only give written feedback.” How about you will you agree to this topic. For me, I am positive to this topic because I have a few reasons. Before doing philosophy chair, Hannah gave us times to think about this and have some reasons. I have come up of a few reasons. My reasons are:

  • Grades only letter or number but feedback is a long description that tell you a lot
  • Feedbacks can tell students what subjects they need to work on and what subjects they are good at
  • If students get good grade they will happy but they don’t know why they are admitted to get that grades
  • Feedbacks are easy for parents to know how their parents perform in school

It is my first time to do philosophy chair and first I was a bit nervous but it’s okay. I am interested in the philosophy chair because we can discuss the problems that we are meeting every day. We do this to find out the best solution to solve in our environment. At last but not least, we were having so fun in this round 2.

Precious Plastic

     Round 2 exploration is really interesting to me. We were mostly take it on the recycle plastic machines. Sushi our teacher has introduced to 16 students in the class to the precious plastic website. The website gave us much benefit that relate to our topic that we are working on. 4 machines are using to recycle plastic. There are shredder, extrusion, injection and compression machine. However in our exploration we only need 2 machines are shredder and injection machine. Shredder is using for cutting all the plastics that you have. Imagine that if you have full bottles on the island how can you bring out all of them to the dump. In this case you probably need to use Shredder machine because it shreds all the plastic bottles into flake so it is much easy to carry to the dump. When we shred it it becomes small so it doesn’t heavy and take less space. The machine after is extrusion machine so this machine transform plastic shred into the a long string but this machine is hot. The process is like this so there is a long string coming out of the machine when it is too hot it will melt. The next machine is Injection machine is similar to extrusion too but this machine need physical work. This machine we need to put the shredded plastic into the machine and it will melt out then we can put it in the mold like toys and after it dries it will become into the shape that the mold is. The last machine is the compression machine. It works out by oven and it can make big things. First we need to have the mold. Then we can put shredded plastic in and put it into the oven. The oven will heat it up and it will melt to become that shape.

     In the exploration we plan to make the shredder, and injection machine. However there are some problems such as danger, time and skill. The machines are very dangerous. If we want to use the machine In the class we’ve learn a lot of things such as types of Plastic. There are 7 types of plastic. There are PETE, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and Other. To understand more about plastic, Sushi has invited Cimila to come to our school and do an inspirational talk about plastic. At that time, I was the one who contact her. I really love contacting by email to outside people because it is a good way of connection. Last but not least, we have learned a lot from Camila.

the image is from polychem-usa.

     Also, I and my 2 of my classmates have contacted to Tim which he works in Naga earth. Naga earth is the social enterprise company in Siem Reap. In our trip we have two trips. First, we went to Naga Earth to learn how to recycle paper, creating biodiesel and  eco-friendly soap from used cooking oil, silk screen and see the two lovely machines are shredder and injection machines. First thing we did in Naga earth is we listened to Tim. He has presented us about the eco-friendly soap and biodiesel that Naga earth has made. He said that he gave the soap to the school for the children to wash their hands. After learning about the soap and biodiesel he gave us a tour to shredder and injection. Again, he did a really good job in introduce the machines. He said that the shredder machine is really dangerous because it can cut your fingers with the blade. He did a little example to show us how the machine work too. At the next thing we did is we learnt how to make paper from cardboard, pieces of paper and cornstarch. Most of the students like making paper there including me. When everything finishes, Tim has shown us how to do the silkscreen. I really love making paper and also with silkscreen.





     In the second trip we went to Rehash Trash also located in Siem Reap. Plastic has been recycled to the valuable materials for using every day. It has been recycled by the process of crochet with hand. One day plastic bags that always floating around the air have been taken to recycle at Rehash Trash. When I first step into the workshop, I know that the place is so beautiful because there’s a little room for putting all the products Rehash Trash has made. All the products are for sale. I look around to see the products. There are many products such as, mattress, handbag, bottle holder, key chain, and ect. After watching the products for a while, we learn how to make our own products with different workers. For me I learn with one of the workers there. She taught me how to crochet bracelet, necklace and keychain. I was so happy to learn that and I really thanks to her for teach me. When I learn with her, I know how to crochet some styles. This is the process that we can transform the plastic bags into beautiful stuff for sell into prices. First, we wash the plastic bags to make it clean and nice. Then cut them into a rope that meet together. Finally, we can crochet it into useful stuff but there are different styles of crochet so we can choose. Some styles are hard and some are easy. When we went to Rehash Trash, we learn with different workers. For me I learn with one of the workers there. She taught me how to crochet bracelet, necklace and keychain. I am so happy to learn that and I really thanks to her for teach me.