Precious Plastic

     Round 2 exploration is really interesting to me. We were mostly take it on the recycle plastic machines. Sushi our teacher has introduced to 16 students in the class to the precious plastic website. The website gave us much benefit that relate to our topic that we are working on. 4 machines are using to recycle plastic. There are shredder, extrusion, injection and compression machine. However in our exploration we only need 2 machines are shredder and injection machine. Shredder is using for cutting all the plastics that you have. Imagine that if you have full bottles on the island how can you bring out all of them to the dump. In this case you probably need to use Shredder machine because it shreds all the plastic bottles into flake so it is much easy to carry to the dump. When we shred it it becomes small so it doesn’t heavy and take less space. The machine after is extrusion machine so this machine transform plastic shred into the a long string but this machine is hot. The process is like this so there is a long string coming out of the machine when it is too hot it will melt. The next machine is Injection machine is similar to extrusion too but this machine need physical work. This machine we need to put the shredded plastic into the machine and it will melt out then we can put it in the mold like toys and after it dries it will become into the shape that the mold is. The last machine is the compression machine. It works out by oven and it can make big things. First we need to have the mold. Then we can put shredded plastic in and put it into the oven. The oven will heat it up and it will melt to become that shape.

     In the exploration we plan to make the shredder, and injection machine. However there are some problems such as danger, time and skill. The machines are very dangerous. If we want to use the machine In the class we’ve learn a lot of things such as types of Plastic. There are 7 types of plastic. There are PETE, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and Other. To understand more about plastic, Sushi has invited Cimila to come to our school and do an inspirational talk about plastic. At that time, I was the one who contact her. I really love contacting by email to outside people because it is a good way of connection. Last but not least, we have learned a lot from Camila.

the image is from polychem-usa.

     Also, I and my 2 of my classmates have contacted to Tim which he works in Naga earth. Naga earth is the social enterprise company in Siem Reap. In our trip we have two trips. First, we went to Naga Earth to learn how to recycle paper, creating biodiesel and  eco-friendly soap from used cooking oil, silk screen and see the two lovely machines are shredder and injection machines. First thing we did in Naga earth is we listened to Tim. He has presented us about the eco-friendly soap and biodiesel that Naga earth has made. He said that he gave the soap to the school for the children to wash their hands. After learning about the soap and biodiesel he gave us a tour to shredder and injection. Again, he did a really good job in introduce the machines. He said that the shredder machine is really dangerous because it can cut your fingers with the blade. He did a little example to show us how the machine work too. At the next thing we did is we learnt how to make paper from cardboard, pieces of paper and cornstarch. Most of the students like making paper there including me. When everything finishes, Tim has shown us how to do the silkscreen. I really love making paper and also with silkscreen.





     In the second trip we went to Rehash Trash also located in Siem Reap. Plastic has been recycled to the valuable materials for using every day. It has been recycled by the process of crochet with hand. One day plastic bags that always floating around the air have been taken to recycle at Rehash Trash. When I first step into the workshop, I know that the place is so beautiful because there’s a little room for putting all the products Rehash Trash has made. All the products are for sale. I look around to see the products. There are many products such as, mattress, handbag, bottle holder, key chain, and ect. After watching the products for a while, we learn how to make our own products with different workers. For me I learn with one of the workers there. She taught me how to crochet bracelet, necklace and keychain. I was so happy to learn that and I really thanks to her for teach me. When I learn with her, I know how to crochet some styles. This is the process that we can transform the plastic bags into beautiful stuff for sell into prices. First, we wash the plastic bags to make it clean and nice. Then cut them into a rope that meet together. Finally, we can crochet it into useful stuff but there are different styles of crochet so we can choose. Some styles are hard and some are easy. When we went to Rehash Trash, we learn with different workers. For me I learn with one of the workers there. She taught me how to crochet bracelet, necklace and keychain. I am so happy to learn that and I really thanks to her for teach me.


Stem Round 2


Chemical Bonding

Covalent bond is the bonding between nonmetal and nonmetal that share the valence electrons in order to be complete or stable. When the elements are stable, they won’t share electrons again because they already completed. To add on if they are completed they will have eight valence electrons and inner electrons are two. For instance, there are two elements, chlorine and chlorine. They are nonmetal groups. They each have 2 electrons inner shelf and have 7 electrons outer shelf. That’s mean they need 1 more to complete. Two of them can share one of their electrons together so each of them will have eight because they each share one electrons. Now they are complete so they won’t react with other elements. To summary the instance covalent bond can share more than one electrons in order to become stable.

Ionic bond is the bonding between nonmetal and metal. In this type of bond they don’t share means that they gain or lose valence electrons. Usually metallic gives out valence electrons to nonmetallic to become positively charge and nonmetallic that gets the electrons from metallic is negatively charge.( Example is below)


Khmer Literacy Round 2

Kolap Pailin 

Kolap Pailin means Rose at Pailin province. Rose is refer to a beautiful lady in Pailin province. Chao chet, Khun Neary, Luong Ratanak Sambath and Balat Srok Songke are the four main characters in the story. After Ta Cherm who is Chao chet’s father passed away but returned to before the minutes before he has given a really awesome advice for Chao Chet. “You need to help yourself” said Ta Cherm and the god has taken over his life to the heaven. Now on he doesn’t have any relatives but the doctor that has cured his father’s disease name Krou Pet Sart told him that Chao Chet can go and work with Luong Ratanak Sambath in Pailin.

Chao Chet always remembers his father advice. He has brought the good and kind behavior to Luong Ratanak Sambath. After a while, he realizes that he has fallen in love with Khun Neary who is Luong Ratanak Sambath’s daughter. She also loves Chao Chet but they both never confess the love. Balat is Luong Ratanak Sambath’s friend and used to work in business together. Balat doesn’t like Chao Chet and look down at other people. He thinks that he is rich so he can do anything. Balat wants Khun Neary but Chao Chet has saved Khun Neary life. At the end, they both married and live with happiness together.

Kolap Pailin is the most famous book that Nhok Them has written. This book wants to show the readers that we should think about Ta Cherm’s advice that he has given to Chao Chet. Living with your good behavior makes your life great so we should be a good person.

Multimedia/ Technology Round 2

Digital storytelling

     The first week of Multimedia/Technology class we are taking lesson on Digital storytelling. Digital storytelling is the tool on the internet that’s for reading story online including photo essay, podcast, film and ect. I know for sure that everybody probably like digital storytelling because it’s more flexible to find and read on the internet. After understanding about what digital storytelling is we do a little exercise to know how many types of digital storytelling. Then we found out that there are some types of digital storytelling such as photo essay, documentary, film, animation and ect. In Digital storytelling we also know one quote that is from our teacher, Cindy. The quote is” Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.

Making Good Story and How?

     We have learned about Digital Storytelling and we also learned how to make a good story by using these structures. First, we were going deep into the structure to make us understand well about the structures(I am going to show you the structure below). After knowing clearly to the structure, we did a little warm up so we watch the videos and telling the structure of the stories and here below is the poster I created for the structures of the story.

Photography and Videography Skill

     The most interesting lesson is about Photography. In this lesson we’ve learn about exposure and types of camera shot. We’ve really enjoy this listen because we get to learn about technology that first I don’t really know that there are some types of shot and the exposure. There are 3 things to affect the exposure such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. We did learn about those 3 things and if you want to see what are they, it is below this text. I am glad that I have learned about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO because every time we are taking photo we will need them incase we want to take the beautiful pictures. After learning each of the types we did a little exercise by taking photos using shutter speed, aperture and ISO. For me after practicing I feel very comfortable with using three of these. For the videography we have learned how to take a good video both with view and interview. This lesson is really important because we need to know how to take videos and for me I have learned many things. In order to get a good video we need steadiness and tripod to make the video steady. For the sound when interviewing someone we should use microphones. There are 2 microphones and which are lavalier and shotgun. In interviewing we should use lavalier. These are all we learn in round 2 of multimedia I feel good in using camera after learning.  


Bamboo Exploration

The first of my exploration in 2017 to 2018 is bamboo. Bamboo is a type of grass and is the fastest growing plant. It grows everywhere except north pole. It has flower once 3 years. One sort of animal that eats only bamboo is panda. For the exploration our teacher( Sushi ) has explained us more and more details what is bamboo and let us work on what do we want to make. Basically, we made a lot of products that related to bamboo. The products are bamboo cup, straw, pencil case, keychain, jewelry, flashlight, rain stick, jump rope, bow and arrow and more. We create that to avoid being use plastic also. One thing I love in this exploration is in the sharation day, so when the guests come we have a little quiz about what is bamboo. Then we present each of the products we made and some of the students in the exploration have a little game. The game is you need to shoot the arrow to the middle of the cardboard that we have set up. We also let the guests play jump rope. I love this exploration so much.

Community Documentary


I am in Community Documentary exploration. In this exploration we study about the community by interviewing people about their life and about the community. The purpose of the exploration is to learn and observe about the community. In the exploration we divided into 4 teams. There are photo, video, podcast and blog group. In the first week of our exploration we learn more about interviewing skills and we improve it. So I am in photo team that has 4 Liger members and 2 World renew members. My group is basically have to learn camera skill first. Therefore we did learn that with the teachers and we all understood it well. Then we have a pre trip to Kampong Speu province in 4 villages which are Srey Sompong, Tropeang Leap, Prey Onse, and Chrok Popul village. In the pre trip the porpose is to learn more about the skill like interview skill. After pretrip, we feel more confident. Then when we come back from the pre trip we have prepared the plan for World Renew students that come to Liger for learning the skill in this exploration. We had a really good time teaching them the skills that we have learned. For my group as the photo team, we teach them how to take photos and how to use camera. When the World Renew students understand well about the skill, we had another trip to those 4 villages again. This time we prepared the plan that who do we want to meet and where like village chiefs and monks in the pagoda. In this trip everybody did very well than before because we have experienced it one before. Well just as before, we are doing the same things like photo team takes photos, video teams take video, podcast team record the sound and block team interviewing people. When we come back to Liger, each team comes up with a product. To make the products we worked with the World Renew students again. First my team teach them how to edit photos. My team has photo book, video team has video, podcast team has podcast and blog team has blog. The blog contain all the informations about the exploration. In the book we divided in 4 villages. Each village we put the photos and a little bit description about the village. We spend 1 week to make the books. After that, we have another trip to the 4 villages again. This trip is for us to present our products. We don’t only present to the villagers but we have inspired them that they want their children to become like us. That is a quite meaningful feedback. Overall I have learned a lot of skills in this exploration and we had a good work with World Renew students.

  • Drone

Matter and Atom

In the round 1 of Stem class, we learned about matter and atom. Matter is anything that has mass and occupied space. Atom is the smallest particle in chemical that can exist. In atom there are nucleus and electrons. And in Nucleus, there are protons and neutrons. Protons have the positive charge. Electrons have the negative charge. Neutrons have the zero charge. Even neutrons have zero charge but the number of neutrons are able to create more mas because they mass as about protons and electrons together. All the elements should have the same amount number of electrons and protons. it’s called neutral atom is when the electrons and protons are balance. Ion is when the atom losing or gain more electrons. It means that the electrons and protons are not balance. Ion has 2 types:

1. Cation is when the atoms have more protons than electrons.

2. Anion is when the atoms have more electrons than protons. Again the protons didn’t lose or gain more only the electrons that loose and gain.

Now let’s move to isotope. Isotope has the same amount of protons and electrons but doesn’t have the same amount of neutrons. Atomic number is the total number of protons. Atomic mass is the total mass of an atom. 

The picture is from Wikipedia. 

Mini Personal Narrative

In the English Literacy, Our teacher ( Hannah ) show us about how can we make our personal narrative and improve it. Here this is my personal narrative that I wrote it.


One day in the evening, when I was studying all my classmates were talking about the concert that they celebrated 2 or 3 days ago. After class time I asked my parents that if we could go to the concert tonight. Then they said that we could go and also with my sister. We prepare things like taking shower and finish eating dinner. After, we leave the house and went through to the concert. Then we arrived there in 10 minutes. My mom said that we can bought something first then we could go to watch the the singer. I thought that I will meet my idol. I was so happy. We walked a lot and bought things like shoes, pigeon toy, puppy toy, basket, and some snacks. After we went to the stage to watch the music performance. All I saw was only the singer who volunteer to sing if I  thought. After watch the music for about 1 hour we were so sleepy so we went home. When we arrived home we played with toys a little bit and we prepare to sleep.

This is all I got for my memory. I enjoyed the concert and the way it designed for the audience to come although it was just a simple one.

Etymology Literacy

In the first round of English Literacy class we’ve been learning about etymology. It is the first thing in the class. The words we learned are from Latin and Greek. We’ve got root words also. Root words are the original words. For example, bio is the root word of Greek and in English it means life. Then the word biography means a story of a real person’s life that’ve written from the other people. Let’s move to Homework Packet. Homework Packet is two or three papers with the list of the words and some exercises to make us understand well. Every week we’ve got the Homework Packet. Then after one week we’ve got the Homework Packet, we have a test of the list of words in the Homework Packet. We’ve been doing this all 7 weeks in round 1. 

Math Fractions

I love math class because in the world we actually really need math. Let’s think about it first, seller needs math, customers need math, eating need math. Therefore everything need math. The math books that we are studying today are all from Singapore. We have finished in grade 4A and 4B. Now we are continuing to finish 5A. In this round we understood a lot about order of operations. Order of operations are Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication. We have been doing exercise about order of operations and word problems with our group. We were not just learned about order operation but also about fraction. Fraction is not like whole number. Fractions have numerator which is the top one of the fraction. There is a line in the middle of the fraction. Fractions also have denominator which is below the line of fractions. Addition fractions, Subtraction fractions and Multiple fractions. We are doing the exercise in class with the groups that teacher has divided us in. Well I am so happy to learn about fraction because teacher told us some new strategies that we don’t know. Here is the picture of Math grade 5A below this text.